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April 9, 2019

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April 1, 2019

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Confessions of an exercise instructor - when a group of elderly laughed at my wet bum

June 21, 2019

Having been an exercise instructor for 15 years, I have been through a lot. This is the start of my series of confessions, all those embarrassing little stories that if I took myself too seriously, I just wouldn't tell anyone. I welcome you to join my journey in the hope it will bring you laughter. 


My first story is a new one: this week I had my chair class with average age 75 or so. I was wearing light coloured trousers as it was a warm summer day. After an intense (YES, it gets wild!) class in a warm room, I stood up and the group got silent. Someone asked if I was okay, and if I had peed myself. Someone else joined in "It is just sweat, you know how easily Hannah sweats", and the whole group burst out in laugh. The back of my lightly coloured trousers were now dark from sweat and it looked like I had peed myself. Luckily a sweater worked as cover so I could get home with no further embarrassing questions. 


The best thing about my sweatident (sweaty incident) is that only for a second did I feel embaressed, and had this happened some years back I would not have taken it as well. I    l o v e    the feeling of getting more comfortable in my own skin, with all pros and cons :)


Silly regards, 


the nr 1 Sweater 


Ps. Think I could break a record in sweating 



Ps 2. I won't wear those silly trousers (of wrong material) ever again to class


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