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April 9, 2019

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1. Applaud yourself for all healthy things you already do 


You already have a bunch of healthy habits, so find out what they are and how you can continue doing them. Maybe you are drinking enough water or eating loads of veg? Whatever it is, WELL DONE and keep it up! Acknowledge what you are doing well, and give yourself some credit for it!


2. Set your goal


Now have a look at the unhealthy habits you're wanting to change.  Decide what goal you're wanting to start working towards and write it down. It's super important that you also scribble down the WHY, the reason to why you're wanting to change. Preferably, keep your goal visible so that you can remind yourself about it daily, put it up on your fridge, wall or as a reminder in your calendar.


3. Break it down into baby steps 


A big goal like "get healthier" feels overwhelming and might be hard to work towards. Break your target down into healthy, achievable activities like:

  • increase daily steps to 8000 per day

  • eat 400 grams of veg and fruit

Be as specific as possible, so that you know when you have reached your target. 





Now, get working and please be in touch with any comments or questions! I'd love to hear from you! 


Healthy regards, 



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