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April 9, 2019

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April 1, 2019

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Internet detox

June 13, 2018



To kickstart my new, healthier social media habits, I'm going off the grid for a week or so. I've decided to "internet detox" while on holiday. 

I've developed a habit of checking my phone too often and at odd times and places. Read about my thoughts on healthy social habits here. So I've decided to change my ways, and get healthier when it comes to internet usage in general. To get going straight away, I'm gonna be completely offline during my holidays. 


To make my internet detox as smooth as possible, I've done a bit of preparations. I've let people know that I'll be offline, I've set auto messages everywhere possible and have made sure all bills are paid. 


I'm ready now. I think. No social media, emails, apps, no internet, no nothing. I'll be writing my thoughts in a note book. With pen and paper.


It feels a bit scary to be honest, and I'll tell you how it goes. In a week and a bit once back. Meanwhile - no photos, no contact. 


All the best, and wish me luck! 


Hannah X

Online Personal Trainer 



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