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April 9, 2019

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April 1, 2019

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A yoga insight

June 6, 2018



Someone had annoyingly been occupying my mind for a day. They had been rude, unfriendly and passive-aggressive to me. It was stealing a lot of energy and I struggled to get rid of the thoughts. I found myself contemplating come backs and plans that would show them how nasty they'd been. Ever found yourself in that circle of bad thoughts? It's annoying and hard to get out from. 


Yesterday morning I was doing some morning yoga in the sun, on the grass. Birds were chirping, sky was blue, you get the message :) All of a sudden it just dawned on me. I'm gonna do the exact opposite, and be as friendly as possible back. My feelings just changed. It was all so clear now. And I felt I had left the bad circle. 


It's funny how the brain works and what good a bit of yoga can do to you. I feel yoga gives me so much more than exercise. For an energetic person like myself, I need to do the opposite more than I think. I need to rewind, be quiet (haha!), and just take things slow. 


I did a challenge last year - 30 days of meditation. When travelling last week I decided on doing a little yoga every day. Even if its just a stretch and a couple of focused breaths. And honestly - I think it's already showing its power!




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