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April 9, 2019

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April 1, 2019

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Vardagsmotion - a Swedes solution to a healthy life

February 22, 2018

Every Swede knows the word "vardagsmotion", which means "everyday motion", "everyday exercise" or "daily movement" if you like. It's hard to translate but I think you get the point?! It describes moving your body without exercising hard. You know when you walk to the shop, clean your house, or cycle slowly to work. Any low intensity activity that doesn't require changing your clothes counts as "vardagsmotion". 


It's a great word because it describes something important - to move every day, as often as you can in your everyday life. Sitting a lot is unhealthy, and is described as our next big health issue, like smoking used to be. One could argue that if you had to choose between low intensity movement often, or one super intense workout per day, the first would be the healthier option. Some would even go as far as too say that sitting to much can kill you. 


Did my point come across clearly? ;) Add some every day movement to your life straight away. It can be as simple as standing up and walking about for a couple of minutes.


Feel free to be in touch with questions :)

Hannah X

Online Personal Trainer 

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