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April 9, 2019

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Why you should exercise

April 1, 2019

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Why you should stop focusing on your weight

February 12, 2018

Your scale doesn't tell you the whole truth about your health. Here's why you should stop obsessing over your weight!


1. It doesn't give you the whole truth about your health
Weight can give an indication about your health, but there are many exceptions. A recent study indicates that excessive body fat, not weight, poses a bigger risk for breast cancer." This means that women with a normal weight, but high level of body fat, could have a higher risk for getting the illness. 


Read more about the studie at Medical News Today


2. Your weight changes daily 

You're on your period, you've drinken more/less, you weigh yourself at a different time and so on. These are just some of the reasons that makes your weight look like a roller coaster. Having a weight goal can therefor be quite the roller coaster emotionally - you think you've done well but the scale shows something different for example. 


3. It's sooooo boring

Create a FUN, ENERGIZING and INSPIRING goal instead. Find something that makes you tick. Why not make your goal activity based and not body based? Think of what you want to achieve or become? A race, a certain yoga position or to master a cool exercise at the gym? Focus on WHAT you want to do or HOW you wanna feel, not your looks or weight. It will be a much more fun ride, I promise you! 


Here's ideas on how to create a good workout target. And if you're curious on how I'm doing with my crazy target, check out this article.



Be in touch if you have any questions or need some advice :) 


Hannah X

Online Personal Trainer




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