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April 9, 2019

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April 1, 2019

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5 tips for a healthier Christmas

December 18, 2017


1. Drink water

Water is good for you, but if you need to be convinced to drink more, read this article. Except for keeping your body functioning, it can help you with your sweet tooth. Many with me experience being less peckish after drinking some water. 


2. "A little of everything"

Instead of filling your plate, try and just take a little of all yummie foods first. Then if you feel like it, you'll take more. By having to get another helping, you might find yourself eating less. 


3. Focus on veg and fruit 

But before that, try and get full on veg and fruit, so that you are less likely to go bananas on something unhealthy.  


4. Move about a little every hour

Sitting still too long is our big health problem today. By standing up and moving about a bit every hour, you are doing good for your health. Try and nip out for a walk when you can, do a quick home workout if you can't do anything else or just stand up from your desk or dinner table every hour. For inspiration on how to get exercise done at all during the holidays, read this article. 


5. Breathe 

10 deep breaths can help you control stress or any other unwanted emotions that might come during Christmas time... 



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